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The ‘Encrypt’ app can be used to encrypt or mask data using a password. The encryption can be applied to a part of, or the entire data table. The encrypted data continues to exist in the data table but can only be read by decrypting it with the password. Furthermore, this flow can also be used to decrypt the data. The ‘Encrypt’ flow is useful to maintain data security when storing or sharing sensitive information. It can be used to quickly create data access levels, when multiple team-members are collaborating on complex projects.

  • Try It: Use left page App Web-App by copy/paste

  • Get more efficient with Excel: Use App in Excel Add-In for more convenience.   Download From Microsoft  

  • Automise your business: Use app in an automised PowerAutomate workflow.   PowerAutomate Template  


The 'Encrypt' App can be used to encrypt your data. The data can be decrypted again with the 'Decrypt' app.

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