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Transition seamlessly from existing platforms to ZIPPYDOC without losing any existing workflows.


Don’t let the worry of losing existing data and workflows prevent you from transitioning from your existing platform to ZippyDoc.

Our team of experts will ensure you have a seamless transition from platforms like Alteryx, KNIME and Pentaho to ZippyDoc.

Leverage on our expertise to ensure your ETL and other data extraction workflows keep working when you migrate onto ZippyDoc.

We will map your existing dataflows to corresponding values on the ZippyDoc environment, ensuring your productivity only increases with the transition.


  1. Transfer your existing dataflows to Analysis 24’s ZIPPYDOC platform.

  2. Map existing flows with ZIPPYDOC’s parameters to continue existing protocols without worrying about any data flow loss during the transition.

  3. Increase data transparency, data security, scalability and productivity as result of the transition.

Book your time slot and let us unleash the true potential of your data. Get in Touch


Get started using our data transfer services in three easy steps.

  1. Book a free video-call to explain the transfer scope and milestones.

  2. Expect a framework agreement for our services.

  3. Once you have reviewed the offer and are in agreement, the migration project starts milestone by milestone.

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