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Use Analysis 24’s big data capabilities to move from annual financial planning to a more accurate and dynamic financial planning.


The age-old tradition of yearly planning finances can be rigid and inaccurate, as a result of which your business may not be able to grow to its full potential.

Upgrade your financial planning process to a more dynamic, big data driven system. Every aspect of your financial model, from tracking profits and losses and cash flows to maintaining balance sheets is now easier and more accurate than ever before.

Leverage Analysis 24’s big data technology and know-how to plan every contract and anticipate the impact of every business decision. Ensure operations, reporting and management are perfectly in-sync while using big data methods to transform your business.


  1. Replace yearly financial planning with dynamic budgeting to address needs on a daily basis.

  2. Make more informed business decisions using our flexible approach to budgeting.

  3. Use big data to influence every business decision, down to a daily and task based level.

Book your time slot and let us unleash the true potential of your data. Get in Touch


  1. Book a free video-call to explain the scope of financial planning based on your business.

  2. Expect a framework agreement for our services.

  3. Once you have reviewed the quote and are in agreement, we will help you shift from a yearly planning model to a more dynamic, accurate and continuous process.

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