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Analysis 24 helps to automate repetitive data transformation processes for your organization.


Data transformation can be an unnecessarily time consuming activity, especially if it is for repetitive purposes such as monthly reports or for transforming data from one application to suit another.

Analysis24 automates the process of list based data transformation, enabling your team to focus on more productive activities.

Once the data transformation flow is set up, you can simply schedule data transfer and transformation procedures at your convenience.


  1. Automate list based data transformation for multiple purposes.

  2. Create a scalable central data-hub for data transformation.

  3. Use ZIPPYDOC’s powerful task and flow automation capabilities to make your business more productive.

  4. Use ZIPPYDOC to create an easy to maintain and easy to use data management flow.

Book your time slot and let us unleash the true potential of your data. Get in Touch


  1. Book a free video-call to explain to our team what data needs to be transformed and into what format.

  2. Expect a framework agreement for our services.

  3. Once you have reviewed our offer and are in agreement, our team will set up your customized data transformation flow on ZippyDoc.

  4. Run the data transformation flow by yourself or choose to have our team support you through the process.

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