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Automate the conversion of data lists into customizable PDF templates, ranging from generating vendor invoices and marketing campaign documents to periodic shareholder reports.


Manually creating PDF documents for things like monthly vendor invoices and shareholder reports can be both repetitive and counter productive.

Use the ZIPPYDOC plattform to automate the process of converting documents in table formats or from data lists to customizable PDFs, thereby allowing your team to concentrate their energies on more productive business activities.

Generating invoices, documents and flyers, shareholder reports, planning packages and a lot more from data tables is just a few clicks away.

Analysis24 allows you to set up a PDF generator you can use on demand. Simply define what data tables need to be imported and the layout that you need the converted PDF document in.


  1. Automate PDF generation from data lists, so your clients, employees and suppliers receive organized, accurate and professional PDF invoices and reports.

  2. Allow ZippyDoc to help your team reduce the time spent on the generation of these documents, ensuring their productivity increases.

  3. Allow smart automation to greatly reduce the chance of manual, human errors.

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  1. Book a free video call to explain to our team the data values that need to be mapped onto the PDF, as well as the layout of the final PDF.

  2. We charge a flat fee of 995 EUR to create a standard PDF template.

  3. Expect your custom PDF template in five business days.

  4. After the process flow has been set up for you, you could generate PDFs yourself as and when needed, or choose to have our team do it for you.

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